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After you've found out about the affair, then what? So you've decided that you want to try to rebuild your relationship but are finding that it's not easy.

You probably feel jealous and even small things trigger you into jealous behavior. You can't quite trust your partner, even though you may want to and you might feel like you're never going to feel the way you did before finding out about the affair.

We're not going to kid you--It's tough to trust again after there's been cheating and infidelity.

But it is possible to rebuild trust, if both people choose for it to happen. Both people have to want to come back together and create a new future together.

To give you a very specific plan to follow in rebuilding trust especially after an affair, check out

It takes being very specific about what it would take for you to trust again. Would it take him or her spending more time with you? Would it take giving up being friends with the person your partner had the affair with? Would it take doing things to create a deeper connection with your partner?

You have to decide and then come to some agreements with your partner. Trust is built in each moment and unless you have something specific to move toward, it may always seem just a little beyond your reach.

You can survive an affair and here are some articles to help... 

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