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Flirting can certainly be fun and it can also mean death in a committed relationship.

While we completely advocate flirting with each other to keep spice in your relationship, we definitely don't agree that flirting with other people and creating jealousy has the same effect on your relationship.

Flirting can mean something different to every person, depending on past experiences.

It often happens that two people look at the same situation and one person thinks it's flirting behavior and the other person thinks he or she is just "being friendly."

When this happens, both people think they are right and the disagreement becomes the most prominent thing in their relationship.

Mistrust and jealousy seep into the relationship and can certainly cause its demise if you don't make some changes.

What do you do if you can't agree on whether flirting is going on or not?

What do you do if your partner is flirting and won't change?

If your partner's behavior is blatantly in opposition to commitments that you think you've both made in your relationship, you have to set boundaries and mean them.

If your partner's behavior isn't that blatant but still bothers you--and you can't come to an agreement, try shifting gears.

Feel inside you what you'd like more of from him or her and what you'd like more of in your relationship.

That doesn't mean that you simply say that the flirting has to stop. It means for you to discover if you want more connection, more attention, more physical love.

In other words, go for what you want.

Here's some information about flirting that can help you...

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Flirting: Jealousy because of a partner's flirting-video










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