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Forgiveness is something that we all know is a good thing but many of us cannot get there or don't know how to forgive after trust has been violated in some way.

Although it may not seem so, forgiveness is actually for the person who is holding onto the hurt and not necessarily for the one who committed the hurt.

Not only can lack of forgiveness eat away at you emotionally for years, it can also affect your physical health in many ways.

The problem comes in when the person who is holding onto hurt believes that if he or she forgives, he or she is allowing the other person "off the hook" and pretending like it never happened.

Usually when there's difficulty in forgiving, there's a feeling that the other person should "pay" for what he or she did--especially if there's been an affair.

Forgiveness is about finding a way to bring peace to the situation, inside you. You may not want to have contact with this other person, or you may want to rebuild trust.

Whichever the case, you can move forward with peace in your heart until you've started a forgiveness process.

There are many ways to go about this

To help you, here are a few ideas...

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