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Infidelity can certainly be one of the most devastating things that happens in a committed relationship and can lead to its end quicker than most any other problem.

Infidelity can be a one-time fling or it can be a full-blown, long-term affair.

In order to survive an affair and rebuild trust, you have to determine what type of infidelity you are facing.

If both of you are wanting to explore rebuilding trust and the infidelity is stopped, you have a chance at creating your relationship the way you want it.

Surviving infidelity means developing your communication skills and it also means practicing listening and speaking with an open heart.

It means feeling your pain of the betrayal but also allowing for your relationship to grow into something different and even better.

In order to rebuild trust after infidelity, you have to learn how to look at your situation how it really is and not make up untrue stories about what could happen in the future.

You have to begin living in the present moment with agreements and commitments made by both of you.

This usually takes a commitment from both of you to learn some new skills and then practice them.

To give you a very specific plan to follow in rebuilding trust especially after an affair, check out

Here's more information to help you deal with infidelity...

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