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Rebuilding trust, especially after cheating or an affair, can be very difficult--and it's done one moment at a time.

After infidelity has been discovered, what usually happens is that the person who cheated wants to put it behind him or her as quickly as possible--maybe even pretend it didn't happen.

But the person who was cheated on usually can't seem to trust--even though he or she may want to and may even say there's been forgiveness.

In order to rebuild trust after cheating, the two people have to create an atmosphere where it's possible for it to happen.

Creating a "rebuilding trust atmosphere" in the relationship means creating some ground-rules to help you both move toward what you want.

The idea is to decide what rebuilding trust means to both of you. It might mean both being completely honest. It might mean that you check in with each other by phone once a day.

Whatever you decide, make conscious agreements that will help you begin to trust again.

If rebuilding trust is not specific and maybe even quantifiable, if it's vague and just something out there that you know you don't have--you'll never have it or recapture it.

Be specific and give rebuilding trust a chance!

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