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A Romantic Gift Idea for Any
Day of the Year

By Susie and Otto Collins

Whether it's Valentine's Day, an anniversary, birthday or another special occasion, many people in love relationships wrack their brains trying to figure out the most romantic gift to give.

As you try to decide whether to go with flowers and candy, a special dinner out, or sexy lingerie,
this question probably underlies your gift-giving ponderings....

"How can I get closer to my loved one?"

Of course, you want to choose a gift that will be received with pleasure and maybe even surprise by your love. But, ultimately, it's highly likely that you want the act of you giving this particular gift to be a means to move closer to your partner.

One gift that we think tops just about everyone's list is the gift of touch. The best part is, giving loving touch also meets that intention to connect more and move closer to this special person in your life. It's simple, free and is almost always a pleasurable experience for the giver as well as the receiver.

We keep our close, loving connection by lovingly touching each other regularly. At times we are subtle with one another as we touch feet under the dinner table or sit closely together while watching a movie or reading.

On other occasions we are more intentional with our touches and share back or foot massages and more sensual massage.

We highly recommend that you consider giving your partner the gift of loving touch as part of his or her next birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day treat.

Actually, we suggest that you give loving touches to your mate even if there is no special occasion happening at the moment.

This romantic gift not only makes your love feel special, you too can benefit from the relaxation of sharing touch and the sheer connection that is enhanced and increased as a result.

You don't have to go to massage therapy school to give a great massage!

From time to time we offer and receive from one another loving massages. We've discovered that massage is a great way to connect and move closer to one another.

It doesn't matter if you've never even attempted a massage. If you're willing to take even a little bit of time, you can learn how to give an amazing massage.

Your massage can be geared toward helping your partner ease tight and stressed spots after a long work-week. It can also be lighter, more sensual and even lead to lovemaking if that's what you both choose.

What is perhaps most important is the sharing of loving touches.

This alone can communicate the depths of your feelings for one another. Sometimes loving touches say much more than mere words.

Check out books of dvds from your local library or search the internet for hints and instructions for how to give a simple massage.

If you are gentle, tuned in to yourself and your partner and you listen to feedback from him or her, you will undoubtedly both thoroughly enjoy this form of sharing and connection.
Our friend Robert Sigler is a full-time massage therapist in Virginia and he has put together a wonderful online video and tutorial that teaches anybody how to give a massage.

This tutorial is not meant to certify you as a massage therapist or prepare you to give therapeutic massages.

It is geared toward the everyday person wanting to share loving touch. You can check out Robert's products and tutorial at:







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