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An important element in rebuilding trust in your relationship is recapturing the romance or spark that you once felt between the two of you.

If something like cheating has happened that destroyed trust, romance can be the furthest thing from your mind.

In fact, you may think that you'll never feel romantic toward your partner again after what his or her betrayal of your trust.

If your relationship is to build trust and be even better than it was before trust was broken, you both, at some point in this process, need to start coming toward one another in the "love and romance" department.

We're not saying to sweep your feelings under the carpet and pretend that everything's okay if you've found out that your partner cheated.

Please know that there is a lot of groundwork and trust-building agreements that may need to be made before you get to the romance department!

So start building the foundations that we talk about on this website. Take care of building your strong foundation first and building trust one moment at a time.

But don't forget romance because it is part of recipe for rebuilding trust.

We suggest you start small and go slow. It's almost like you are starting over with your relationship, especially when it comes to romance and lovemaking.

Here are some ideas to increase romance in your relationship, whether you've had trust issues in the past or not...

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