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Add Spark to Your Relationship by Doing the Unexpected
By Susie and Otto Collins

Are you looking for ways to spice up the romance and passion in your relationship? Perhaps you and your partner have been working hard to rebuild trust or improve communication in your marriage or love relationship.

Isn't it time to have some fun reveling in the love you share?

We think so!

Especially if you and your love have been together for awhile, your interactions might fall into regular and usual patterns. There's nothing wrong with this.

Some people really appreciate knowing that they can count on Friday night as "date night," for example.

When you do something unexpected, however, you can add extra spark to your connecting. Of course, surprises are just one way to infuse more romance and passion into your relationship.

But it's one worth exploring.

As you surprise your partner with an activity, gesture or even gift that he or she wasn't expecting, you both can enjoy the aftereffects. Your love may be touched by your thoughtfulness or inventiveness.

He or she might also feel more excited as you connect and enjoy the surprise together.

For your surprise to make the biggest positive impact, they need to be said or done from the heart.

If you are trying to be more romantic yet you are feeling distracted or uncomfortable by whatever you have chosen to do, your love will undoubtedly sense this.

Choose and act from the heart and from a place of love with a sense of adventure possibly thrown in as well.

Unexpected romantic gestures don't have to cost a dime to add spark.
As the saying goes, "the best things in life are free."  This applies quite well to romance and spark in your relationship. It's not necessary for you to spend lots of money on expensive gifts if a closer relationship is what you want.

Here are a few ideas you might try...

*When you and your mate are apart, perhaps at work, you might call to say "I love you."

Make the call in the middle of the afternoon for no other reason than to just hear his or her voice and make that connection over the physical distance.

*Go out of your way to show interest in something your partner is passionate about.

You might not be as excited about gardening as your love is, for instance. But you could walk outside, admire his or her effort and creation and share what you appreciate about what you are seeing and smelling.

There's nothing like an unanticipated compliment
to warm a person's heart!

*A tender physical touch can infuse an ordinary moment with a little romance.

It doesn't matter if you are strolling through the park or watching your kids play soccer on a Saturday afternoon. Reach out and hold your partner's hand when he or she wouldn't expect you to.

It is a way to share whatever you are experiencing together more deeply and will also let your mate know that you are wanting to be close even while cheering your kids on.

It's the thought (and heart) that counts most.
At times you might want to purchase a gift or do something that involves spending money on your partner. This is wonderful too!

Especially if you are spending money, however, you probably want to make sure that your surprise
gift will communicate your intention-- romance and

Consider these suggestions...

*Listen to your gut. Don't overthink it when purchasing a surprise gift for your partner.

When shopping, release your worries that he or she will dislike what you buy.  Instead, allow yourself to get wrapped up in how you feel
about your mate

Look around at the gift options you see (or think about) and choose from the good-feeling place of

If money feels like an obstacle to you when purchasing a gift, put more of your emphasis on the many many totally free romantic gestures you can make and may already be doing.

Comfort yourself by knowing that you are gift-
giving in these other ways as well.

You might also choose a store or particular set of gift options that are within your price range and, returning to the loving good-feeling emotions, allow yourself to be drawn to the perfect choice from there.

*You might purchase-- or even make yourself-- a special card for your love when it's not your anniversary, his or her birthday or some other "official" occasion.

Express your feelings for your partner just because you feel inspired to do so.

*What's more romantic than a dinner for two?

Whether you sweep him or her off to a favorite restaurant or cook the meal yourself, there's something delightfully romantic about sitting down together over a sumptuous meal.

If you two live together and your mate usually does the cooking, surprise him or her by cooking a delicious meal.  Very simple and affordable to make meals can be enhanced with herbs and spices and through presentation.

Watch a cooking show on television or search the internet for hints. It might be a fun experience for you to expand into areas you don't usually experience.

If all else fails, you can order food from your love's
favorite restaurant and create your own romantic ambiance without having to worry about cooking!

Have fun with this because love and connection are absolutely supposed to be fun! Allow yourself to get carried away with ideas about how to surprise your mate with romance.

Be aware that two can play at this...your partner might just sweep you off your feet with something unexpectedly wonderful.







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