Here's an invitation for you (and a question) from
Susie and Otto Collins...

Stop and Ask Yourself...

Isn't It Time For You To Start Dreaming Bigger Than You Ever Thought You Could In Your
Love, Life or Business?


Isn't it time you gave yourself permission to create more of what you want in your relationship or life?

If You Want More Love, More Aliveness, More Connection and More Prosperity--in ANY Area of Your Life--Here's How We Can Help...

Hi-- We're Susie and Otto Collins and although we've written over 20 books and ebooks, created over a dozen popular courses and programs and nearly 250 videos and audios on love, relationships, personal growth and success...

What we're really best at is having what we call coaching conversations with people like you where we help you create whatever you'd call a miracle in your relationship or life.

The question is...

What hopes, dreams, and desires do you have for your relationship or life that you haven't been able to create yet?

What's missing that you would truly like to have, do or be that would bring you much more peace, happiness and fulfillment?

If there are obstacles to your relationship with love, your career, prosperity, or health and nothing seems to be changing…

We can help you break through your blocks to more success, happiness and love than you ever thought possible.

What if you could have a coaching conversation with one of us that could change your life

What would you like help with...

  • Creating a breakthrough so that you can consciously design what you want in your life
  • Identifying your goals and helping you to choose action steps toward accomplishing your goals–(eg. overcome jealousy; create clear, honest communication with a partner; rebuild trust; increase passion and connection)
  • Support in "Dreaming Up" bigger than you every thought you could and making those dreams a reality
  • Creating a conscious, alive partnership in your current relationship that’s different from your previous one
  • Rekindling the love and passion that once was between the two of you
  • Restoring and rebuilding trust after it's been broken
  • Discovering how to become allies in your relationship instead of adversaries
  • Moving on and healing from a relationship that has ended
  • Attracting your soul mate and creating the love you want in your life
  • Deciding whether to stay in or leave your current relationship
  • Eliminating jealousy and creating trust in your relationship
  • Stepping out of a pattern of conflict and moving into harmony and closeness in your relationship
  • Transitioning from an unfulfilling career to more meaningful work that makes a difference in your life and the people you'll be serving
  • Or any other challenge you may be facing

What's so great about coaching with Susie or Otto is...

A Moment's Insight Can Sometimes Be Worth a Lifetime of Experience...

Here are a few examples of shifts, changes or "ah-ha" moments our clients have made after having a coaching conversation with one of us...

Mary Catherine, who had just been diagnosed with cancer, saw her beauty for the first time in her life and understood at a very deep level that there was nothing to fear--ever.


KC realized what she could do to connect deeper and have more meaningful conversations with her adult children who she felt estranged from


Jennifer figured out whether to stay in or leave her 6-year relationship with Bob after seeing how she was the one with the fear issues and not him.


Jodie saw how she was the one fueling her jealousy behaviors and saw how she could stop her jealous thoughts that were ruining her relationship


Joe gave himself permission to go for his MBA at a major business college (something he'd been putting off for years)


Kim was able to stop lying to herself about how she was keeping her hopes and dreams away


Josie faced her fears about getting married and said "yes" to the love of her life instead of letting him walk away


Deana and Kyle took a huge first step toward trusting one another again instead of allowing a big mistake from his past ruin their love

Why work with Susie or Otto Collins as your coach?

You’ll like working with us because since 1999 we’ve been writing, teaching and sharing our insights and strategies on how to have close, connected happy relationships and fulfilling lives--and we honestly “walk our talk” in our own relationship.

Professionally, in addition to putting out our weekly love and relationship email newsletter, we’re the authors of over a dozen books, audios, courses and programs including “Magic Relationship Words,” “Should You Stay or Should you Go?’” “No More Jealousy,” “Stop Talking On Eggshells’” “Automatic Attraction Secrets,” “Hypnotize His Heart” and many others.

Our belief is that love, passion, intimacy and aliveness doesn’t have to die–ever. Personally, we feel blessed to have discovered the skills, attitudes and beliefs that we’ve used every day since being together to create 17 years of passion, excitement and love. It’s been pure joy and bliss and we’re still going strong.

When you choose to work with us in person, by Skype or by telephone, you’ll benefit from our years of training and coaching experience–and more importantly, you learn what we do firsthand to keep our relationship close, connected, passionate, alive and growing over the years.

Let's start a coaching conversation about how we can help you create more in your life...

Contact us: by email or call (614) 568-8282  9am-6pm Eastern Time.

It would be our privilege to work with and support you in creating what you want in your life and if you’d like to find out more and explore whether working together would support you, contact us and we will schedule a conversation.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.

Our best to you,

Susie and Otto

Certified Comprehensive Coach, Comprehensive Coaching U

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Here’s what our coaching clients say about our Breakthrough coaching…

"Taught me more in one hour than all those [therapist] sessions put together"

"I had a breakthrough coaching session with Susie last week and I have to say, it was the most productive hour I have ever had in talking about issues with any of my relationships. I had an affair, got divorced, and had four different therapists through that process. Susie taught me more in one hour than all of those sessions put together! She is wise, compassionate and fun to talk to. I now consider her a very smart friend. I had another session today...and feel like I have new tools to put into practice this week. Thank you, Susie" Elizabeth

"We have openly discussed topics now"

“Your coaching has helped in several ways although I still need to work at continuing to improve myself.  I have learned to phrase comments so I don’t create distance between me and my wife while at the same time making us closer.  I have learned ways of opening her up when in conversation.  We also have openly discussed topics now that we’ve never mentioned to each other in over 11 years of being together. In reviewing our situation now compared to where we were two months ago, we are in a much better position although all wounds take time to heal.  My goal is to continue down the path I’ve been heading towards since I started visiting with you.  I’ve seen improvements in so many ways both in the way I interact with my wife and other relationships.”  M

"I felt stronger..."

“I’m so glad I found you! Every time I talked to you, I felt stronger. I’ve read books but you helped me get beyond the bump I’ve had in my relationship. I learned that when I’m upset and crying to stop and notice what’s happening in my body. With that information and with practice, now I can instantly calm down. Thank you! Kathleen”

"My life has changed tremendously"

“Since my first session with Susie my life has changed tremendously. I now know who I am and that I deserve to be happy. I have had sessions with others that can’t come close to the warmth and thoughtfulness I have experienced with Susie. I consider Susie to be my life coach as well as my marriage coach. She’s like a sister, mom or best friend with a twist of unconventional wisdom. Thank you Susie, Love, Patricia”

"[You've] given me the courage to take things a step further"

“I have appreciated you both being there, very much.  You have taken the time to listen and to ask me the right questions to ask myself.  Your suggestions are wonderful and have given me the courage to take things a step further and to do so in a way that naturally moves the relationship forward.  It is good having both the male and female perspective because I get slightly different views and possible approaches to consider for a particular situation or scenario.  You have been very good also about scheduling appointments without a lot of waiting at times when I have something important on my mind. Thank you both for the work that you do.”  J

"They help people create wonderful relationships"

"Otto and Susie are committed to helping people create wonderful relationships. They help you identify past negative patterns in personal relationships and help you determine what you really want and focus on that. Their interactive method and joint approach with a male and female perspective is invaluable. They are a real couple who are dedicated to each other and to anyone who desires to create a fulfilling relationship."
                  Steven, California

"They ask the right questions to steer you 
in a positive, fulfilled direction"

"I sought a relationship coach to delve into the area of having a relationship that I have always wanted. Although I have not found that special someone, I have become a lot clearer as to the underpinning of why want a relationship different from the one's that I have had that have not been fulfilling, and opening up possibilities for the one I'm not going to take less than. It is a compassionate, in-depth dialogue with both Susie and Otto, who provide the right questions, to steer you in a positive fulfilled direction."  
               Chris, Massachusetts




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