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Susie and Otto Collins,
Passionate Heart and Collinspartners Terms of Use and
Breakthrough Coaching Policy

How a Coaching Conversation Works

Coaching conversations can be done in person or by telephone, with you calling us at our scheduled time. Some people choose to work on a weekly basis and some biweekly or monthly. All sessions are confidential. We may choose to correspond by email between sessions.

During a typical session, we use questions, breathing, and various interactive ways of helping you to break through your "stuck" issues and problems into creating the life and relationships that you want.

We may assign "practices" for you to follow between sessions which might involve self-observation or an on-going activity that helps you to achieve your goal.

We are here to support you in your process and help you to achieve your goals.

You can choose to do this work with us by yourself or with a partner.

If you’d like to find out more and explore whether working together would support you, contact me and we will schedule a conversation. with Susie or Otto:

Contact us by email or call  9am-9pm Est

Hours of Service

Appointments are available any time Monday through Friday between 9am and 9pm Eastern, including some weekend hours. We make every effort to work with your schedule.

Payment Method

Passionate Heart coaching accepts all major credit cards. Your credit card information is taken over the phone when making or arranging your appointment or before your first appointment.

For security and privacy reasons, we do not accept credit card information by e-mail. You may also send a cashiers check by mail before the first appointment.

Credit card charges will appear from Collinspartners.

Rescheduling, Cancellation or Missed Appointment Policy

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hour notice.

For rescheduled appointments (with 24 hour prior notice), no service fee will be charged.
For cancelled appointments (with 24 hour prior notice), no service fee will be charged.

Once a coaching agreement has been entered into, there are no refunds unless agreed on by an authorized agent of Passion Inc., Passionate Heart coaching or Collinspartners.

When you book an appointment, you agree to the above rates and terms of service.

It would be our privilege to work with and support you in creating what you want in your life and if you’d like to find out more and explore whether working together would support you, contact us and we will schedule a conversation.

Contact us by email or call 614-568-8282 9am-9pm Est

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Susie and Otto Collins
P.O. Box14544
Columbus, Ohio 43214
(614) 568-8282
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